The definition of blogging is something that is very much in flux, as the new technologies that appear every day redefine what a blog is, what a blog can be, and what a blog should do.

When Nicole started her business, blogs were defined as text-based websites that kept records of days, similar to a captain’s log on a sailing ship. However, this started to change as the group of people who kept blogs became more diverse. The more bloggers began to explore the limits of the medium and of the technology that made it possible, the more the boundaries of what could be called a “blog” expanded. As the technology became easier to use, more people started writing about their passions and interests.

Today, there are an abundance of content rich blogs that include photos, podcasts and videos. Some great examples are:

With the recent release of WordPress 5.0, mobile blogging devices may well change the definition of blogging entirely by making it possible for bloggers to create new kinds of posts.

Another element of the blogosphere that is starting to change is the corporate blog. Many small business owners have known about the benefits of blogging, and as large companies start to engage with social media technologies, internal and external blogs are being born. As with social media, corporate blogs can assist by creating positive buzz about their company and/or brands. Some examples are:

Between all of these different forces that are constantly expanding and reshaping the blogosphere, it is difficult to imagine that the definition of what is and is not a blog will ever remain fixed for very long. Whether you want to blog or not, that it entirely up to you. You may not be a writer, and instead, you’re great with photography or vidoes. Whatever you medium, do what you love to do, don’t force it.


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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

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