entre-B is a membership website that helps individuals and startups build and launch their businesses. Through its founder and consultant Elizabeth Loennborn, entre-B provides its members practical information, a community of like-minded individuals, webinars and quick-start tools.

Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in sales, management, and corporate training, with over 12 years in digital publishing, advertising, marketing, content management, and digital product development.

In summary, what we did for Elizabeth was:

  • Installed all relevant software and plugins
  • Designed the website structure and layout
  • Developed a custom website using the Divi Builder
  • Created contact forms with enhanced security
  • Added a membership and payment functionality
  • Showcased client testimonials
  • Re-wrote all the content for the site
  • Provided Image Guidance
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Wrote and implemented On-page and image SEO


Hi, I’m Nicole, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions and Start Smart. Our ‘Almost Custom’ websites offer you all that you need to get started with your own website – beautiful, functional, easy to use features, and pre-made pages ready for your content. Visit our Demo page to view our designs and our Showcase page to view our work.

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