H&W Associates is a team of strategic advisors for high-net-worth individuals, family offices and investors, specifically those within the Chinese and European investment market. Because of the nature of the business, Alain Marchand approached us for a straightforward website that has content available only to members.

We created a website that allows the general public to an overview of what H&W is about, and pages that can only be accessed by individuals with a username and password. H&W caters to people of different nationalities. Thus, we added the translations in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, and Spanish.

In summary, what we did for H&W was:

  • Installed all relevant software and plugins
  • Designed the website structure and layout using our own theme
  • Developed a bespoke website using the Divi Builder
  • Re-created their logo for their branding
  • Re-wrote all the content for the site
  • Set up member-only pages
  • Added language translations to the website
  • Created contact forms with enhanced security
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Wrote and implemented On-page and image SEO


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