Angela and her team at Loving Your Work have been coaching talented professionals and would-be entrepreneurs in Asia since 2001.

In 2016, Angela came to us asking if we could redevelop her old WordPress website. It was a natural fit because we have been supporting her with her main website, since 2013. Our role was to develop the Loving Your Work website based on the design of a talented graphic designer she had hired. The designer provided the images and layout, and we used the Divi theme to recreate what was on paper onto the web.

As you can imagine, people work with a Career Coach for a number of different reasons and at differing times in their career journey, so it was important and apparent straight away that the website content needed to be easy to navigate, ensuring that each person found the right path for them. Our client rewrote her content to be more targetted to the clients she wanted to attract.

We also implemented a Quiz feature, an online form, and a 5-day automated online course. Once the site was functioning, we reviewed the on-page SEO and monitored the traffic to the site, providing valuable feedback to help improve search engine ranking.

In summary, what we did for Loving Your Work was:

  • Installed all relevant software and plugins
  • Designed the website structure and layout
  • Developed a custom website using the Divi Builder
  • Created contact forms with enhanced security
  • Imported content and blog posts from the old site
  • Provided image guidance
  • Set up the 5-day automated online course page
  • Set up the Quiz and emails related to results
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Wrote and implemented On-page and image SEO

With the revamp of the website, it has helped increase inquiries and converts readers into clients.


Hi, I’m Nicole, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions and Start Smart. Our ‘Almost Custom’ websites offer you all that you need to get started with your own website – beautiful, functional, easy to use features, and pre-made pages ready for your content. Visit our Demo page to view our designs and our Showcase page to view our work.

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