Our founder, Nicole Graham, offers her services consulting in system automation, standard operating procedures, and ecourse implementation. As a socially conscious business owner who supports women to create greater work-life harmony, she believes that we can’t do it all ourselves, and having a network of supportive people (family and friends) is the key to greater happiness and success.

Nicole asked us to develop a website that was more aligned to her own personal brand, not Bauhinia Solutions or Start Smart Website. She wanted to promote services that she offers on a project basis, and was specific to her skill set.

www.nicole-graham.com new customised using Divi

Nicole’s favourite colours are red and purple, which signify being grounded and spiritual. We added the gold as a way of connecting the two colours. Predominately purple, we felt the colour was better for promoting her and her services. We used the Divi theme to create a simple layout, that highlights Nicole’s services, and once the site was functioning, we applied on-page SEO.

In summary, what we did for Nicole was:

  • Installed all relevant software and plugins
  • Designed the website structure and layout
  • Developed a custom website using the Divi Builder
  • Created contact forms with enhanced security
  • Sourced all imagery
  • Re-wrote all the content for the site
  • Set up Newsletter Subscription
  • Set up Scheduling Page
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Wrote and implemented On-page and image SEO


Hi, I’m Nicole, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions and Start Smart. We’ve been creating WordPress websites since 2009, and want to ensure our clients have full control over their site. While we’re always happy to support you, we will empower you to update your site as needed. If you need a website, or looking to redevelop your existing one, visit our Demo page to view our designs and our Showcase page to view our work.

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